Monday, May 13, 2013

Todavía Soy Autista Charla de John Hall

Autism does not have to be a life sentence. Dr. John Hall knows. As a toddler, he lived in his own private world, flipping light switches, banging pans, avoiding eye contact, and babbling unintelligibly. Today, he is the CEO of a national education management firm based in Southern California. Defying his initial "slightly retarded, low-functioning autistic" diagnosis, he pushed himself through elementary, high school, and college, earned an MBA, and was even awarded a Doctorate! He is also a father of two children, one with special needs.

John's confusing, frustrating, often heart-wrenching, sometimes comical journey from disabled to triumphant will inspire every teacher, therapist, and family member who lives with, loves, or works with a special-needs child. Am I Still Autistic?, offers a unique, inside perspective on life in the special, secluded world of autism, and how love, support, and persistence can help make even the most unlikely candidate for success turn their life around.

Diagnosed as severely autistic and slightly retarded before he was two, Dr. John Hall overcame developmental issues, physical awkwardness, speech impediments, and family troubles to become a successful entrepreneur. He energetically juggles work, school, family, and diverse charity efforts with the autistic's blessing of extreme focus and determination. Am I Still Autistic?, is John's gift to prove that when it comes to autism, anything -- everything -- really is possible!



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